Shelton Foundation Sponsored Research

The Shelton Foundation utilizes a multidisciplinary research approach with the ultimate goal of significantly improving survival rates for injured soldiers and preventing the long-term consequences of brain injury. Research will be performed in competitively selected universities and military laboratories under a cohesive and goal-directed program that will collect and analyze high-level data for the development and testing of new systems, technologies and procedures. The knowledge base developed and maintained by the Foundation will enable a sustained level of aggressive research to mitigate the devastating effects of neurotrauma and result in targeted, effective treatments applicable to the military environment.

Current research projects:

Brain Patch
This Shelton Foundation project is investigating various combinations of optimal cell sources and scaffolding materials to create a therapeutic cell delivery system to treat traumatic brain injury. The "Brain Patch" will be designed to be placed in an open head wound to promote healing and enhance recovery and outcome.

Projects under Development:
  • A Military Neurotrauma Database to archive military neurotrauma injuries and outcomes in order to identify the most prevalent types of injury, assess the effectiveness of current treatments, expose gaps in treatment protocols, identify protective equipment needs, standardize medical reporting, and focus the design of emerging research.
  • An International Military Neurotrauma Conference to review non-classified protocols for delivery of neurotrauma care in a military environment, identify current and future challenges to this delivery, and foster opportunities for collaborations and investigations.
  • A multi-year study to evaluate the impact of the weight and position of body armor on the spine and spinal injuries.

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